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Taste & Tea Service Offerings

Welcome to Taste & Tea! We are delighted to provide you with a one of a kind taste and tea service!

Taste: Assorted Grazing for 4-6 people

Enjoy samplings of sweet treats, savory buns, fruits, spreads, and more!

Tea: Assorted Tea Service for 4-6 people

Enjoy assorted teas on fine china. 

Taste & Tea: Assorted Grazing and Tea Service for 4-6 people

This includes the assorted grazing offer PLUS assorted teas on fine china. 

Additional Services:

  • Catering by meal
  • Catering by dish
  • Tea Set Rentals
  • Tea pot purchase
  • Tea for (1) purchase (pot, cup and saucer)
  • Individual cup and saucer for purchase
  • Full Tea Set for purchase
  • Flavored loose Tea
  • Flavored tea bags 
  • Additional tea related accessories 
  • ...and more!


North Carolina, USA

For booking: Please contact us on Instagram @TasteAndTeaLLC